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I LOVE these!

Deborah Corak

BookBone just "grabs" the pages of my books! Love it and would surely recommend it to other readers.

Babs D.

My wife uses this product everyday for Bible & recreational reading.
She had a leather one that flexed in the middle too much and broke.

Paul Fogle

This bookbone is amazing! I am so happy I no longer have to hold my book open. Its perfect for little and bigger books. And it was shipped and delivered super fast! I would recommend this to anyone who reads a lot and is sick of holding you're book open all the time.


I really enjoy this book mark, unlike my old leather one, this doesn't slide off the book easily because whatever material it's made of is just tacky enough to grip the pages. It exceeds my leather one too by being washable if it gets dusty or dirty. A great product, I highly recommend it to any bibliophile.

Laura A. Larkin

I love this bookmark. It is easy to handle but heavy enough to hold the pages on any book. I am going to get a couple more as gifts.

Monique Goodman

I ordered one and then liked it so much I ordered another as a present for someone who loves cook.

Jill W.

I love these! They are just what I've always wanted for holding my book open: sturdy, sticky, and atheistically pleasing. Wtg Mr. Daniel Fletcher!

Caroline Bee

These work as well as the expensive leather ones, love it. Handy for reading and eating at the same time which I always do.

Sherry Fossum

This was a gift, and it is great! Holds my place while I am reading and eating. ;o) It also doubles as a teething ring for my eight month old grandson! ;o)

Jo Iowa

Does a great job. It stays put even when the book is on a big tilt. Sometimes it is just what you need. I use it mostly for recipe books.


This is an unusual looking object, but it works exactly as they say. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Excellent!

C N Millard

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