What are BookBones®?

BookBones hold books open so you can read while you do other things with your hands! They’re great for the home, office, shop or classroom; from cookbooks in the kitchen to reference books at the computer. They’re for students on the go who must study while they eat and for people who just like to lay back in an easy chair with a book in their lap. Readers all over the world are learning how much more relaxing reading can be when you don’t constantly have to hold your books open with your hands. To use as a bookmark, just lay it top to bottom on the right hand page and close the book.


BookBones are made of durable flexible urethane with weights molded in each end.
They’re 8 inches long, 1½ inches wide, ⅛ inch high in the middle and ½ inch high at the ends. They weigh approximately 7 ounces each.

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